HUP Profile

  • D38A Pipe Clamp 50 HUP for Ø76 Twist proof

    SKU: D38A
  • D1 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP for Ø25-Ø45

    SKU: D1
  • D4 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP for Ø60-Ø76

    SKU: D4
  • D3 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP for Ø45-Ø60

    SKU: D3
  • D37A Pipe Clamp 50 HUP for Ø60 Twist proof

    SKU: D37A
  • D40A Pipe Clamp 50 HUP for Ø114 Twist proof

    SKU: D40A
  • D5 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP for Ø76-Ø90

    SKU: D5
  • D39A Pipe Clamp 50 HUP for Ø90 Twist proof

    SKU: D39A
  • D6 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP Ø90-Ø114

    SKU: D6
  • D7 Pipe Clamp 50-HUP Ø114-Ø140

    SKU: D7
  • D45 Pipe Clamp 60-80 HUP, Ø60-76

    SKU: D45
  • D36A Pipe Clamp 50 HUP for Ø50 Twist proof

    SKU: D36A

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