Offshore Industry

Enabling upgrade to 5G offshore

The market’s most robust and weather-resistant mounting solutions to upgrade from 4G to 5G networks

Protecting offshore operations and assets

Offshore oil and gas operations rely on reliable, high-speed connectivity to conduct safe operations, manage communication and maximise productivity from offshore assets. 

Today, offshore 4G networks connect data, people and operational facilities. Going forward, 5G antennas, which are larger and heavier than today’s solutions, will provide the necessary connectivity.

Advanced connectivity at offshore platforms improves performance across the whole upstream value chain by providing immediate access to high-quality data and the means to analyse it quickly. This enhances decision making, optimises asset management, and improves visibility at every stage of production.

However, it also places increased demand on the robustness of the 5G offshore network. This is where Griptel’s specially designed mounting solutions come into the picture. Griptel provides custom-made solutions for mounting of 5G equipment offshore. Manufactured in galvanized steel, the company’s mounting solutions provides the protection operators need against both harsh weather conditions and the saltwater environment offshore assets operate within. 

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