BL-08 | Robust Wall Mount

Introducing BL-08 The BL-08 is a robust wall mount engineered for secure pipe fixation. It features four strategically positioned connection points designed to affix it firmly to the wall. Constructed …

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TLNSLOPE | Gravity Stand

TLNSLOPE is a gravity stand platform designed to withstand roof angles up to 32 degrees, providing a stable mounting solution for telecommunication equipment. Its innovative design allows it to compensate …

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The CS-BRACKET is a specialized solution for mounting antennas in telecommunication towers. With its sturdiness, flexible offset, and tilt capabilities, it allows for secure and precise antenna positioning while saving …

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The TILT-BRACKET is a versatile product designed specifically for telecom operators to achieve a desired tilt angle for mounted antennas. It is constructed using S355 HDG steel, known for its …

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New Head of Procurement & HR

As Griptel continues to expand, we are pleased to welcome Anne-Cathrine Stene. Anne-Cathrine has an impressive background in a wide range of fields, such as sales, marketing and HR management. She has several years of experience …

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Griptel is working round the clock to improve designs and create new products for our customers. From late 2022 till now, we have made several new products available for sale …

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