Griptel builds new production facility

Griptel builds new production facility in Riga to facilitate 5G growth. We have decided to build our own production facility in Riga, Latvia, to secure the necessary capacity to satisfy …

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Signed contract with ICE

We are proud to have won a contract with iCE Norge! Ice’s 5G development plans are ambitious, and we will provide the best mounting solutions available in today’s market, says Griptel CEO Pål Bjørdal. Griptel …

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New Head of Projects & Products

We are proud to introduce our first Head of Projects & Product Development, Thomas H. Fredriksen. The purpose is to further strengthen GRIPtel’s ability to develop and tailor products to customer …

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New Head of Sales & Marketing

Dahl succeeds Thomas Fredriksen, who will become GRIPtel’s first Head of Projects & Product Development. Simultaneously GRIPtel is doubling its order handling capacity, due to growing demand from 5G network …

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Webshop and Inventory system

Dear customers, Based on constructive feedback from our customers, we are currently working on improving several areas to simplify the product ordering process, as well as our inventory systems. We …

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Showcase new facilities and solutions

On Tuesday, September 21, Griptel showcased new facilities and various solutions for gravity mounts for rooftops in Vøyenenga. Both customers, consultants, and contractors visited to see the different models. It …

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