Griptel is working round the clock to improve designs and create new products for our customers.

From late 2022 till now, we have made several new products available for sale in our webshop.

Everything from customized RRU-brackets for Ericssons new RRU4466, to new roof covering using high quality Sika-products.

We have also developed complimentary products for 50cm cable bridges and new series of HUP-locking brackets to fit HUP sizes from 50HUP to 70HUP.

Last, but not least, we have created a new XL-version of the popular 3-SECTOR-BRACKET to ensure minimum 500mm space between the widest antennas on the market.

A complete list of new products can be found below, as well as product links to the product.

BL-08 | Robust Wall Mount

Introducing BL-08 The BL-08 is a robust wall mount engineered for secure pipe fixation. It features four strategically positioned connection ...

TLNSLOPE | Gravity Stand

TLNSLOPE is a gravity stand platform designed to withstand roof angles up to 32 degrees, providing a stable mounting solution ...

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