Aviation Industry

Securing airport operations

Mounting equipment that safeguards navigation and communication systems at airports

Safeguarding airport communication

Operating secure communication networks is key to any airport operator and its users, including airlines and other service providers at an airport. Access to stable communication networks has also become an expectation from passengers at any apriport. 

Griptel already delivers mounting solutions to Avinor Air Navigation Services, which is a state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. The company is in charge of all air traffic control services in Norwegian airspace, and in large parts of the North Atlantic; flight information service and alerting service at 18 control towers; operations of remote traffic towers; and operates technical equipment for both airports and air traffic services to 52 airports in Norway. Other customers include the military, oil companies and other air navigation service providers in the Nordic countries.

Griptel offers custom-made mounting solutions to airport operators that rely on safeguarding their telecommunication equipment – both outdoor and indoor – for both public and private 4G and 5G networks. 

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