Parallel Frames

  • D550 Offset Frame, H=2500, CC=1300, HUP50

    SKU: D550
  • D546-1 Offset Frame, H=2300, CC=1000, HUP40

    SKU: D546-1
  • D552 Offset Frame for 2pcs (1x large+ 1x small) 5G antennas

    SKU: D552
  • D553 Offset frame for 1pc 5Gl antenna

    SKU: D553
  • D546 Offset Frame, H=2300, CC=800, HUP30

    SKU: D546
  • D554 ICE Offset-frame for 1pcs Antenna, H=1000, CC=1000, HUP50

    SKU: D554
  • D545 Offset Frame, H=1600, CC=1000, HUP40

    SKU: D545
  • NDF-650 frame for J3-01

    SKU: NDF-650
  • D542 partial ta frame H=3,0M

    SKU: D542
  • D544 Offset Frame, H=1600, CC=800, HUP30

    SKU: D544
  • D551 Offset frame for 1pc 5G antenna

    SKU: D551

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